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Our vision is to provide Australia’s SMEs (small to medium enterprises) with a friendly, dedicated Human Resources partner to support them at any or all stages of the recruitment function.
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eXenet Human Resources has an enviable reputation in the provision of recruitment, profiling and human capital consulting services to a substantial variety of industries.

We offer a choice of:


The traditional offering… we take responsibility for the entire end to end recruitment process, bill you an agreed percentage of the total package, and offer a three month replacement guarantee. However, we are far from traditional in our methodology. Because we view ourselves as your partners, we are not afraid to get involved. Thus you will be pleased to know that -

  • We offer opinions
  • We are neither risk averse nor politically correct
  • We tell you what you need to know, not what we think you want to hear
  • We would rather do a great job for a few clients than a mediocre job for many
  • We love what we do

We think you will find our honest, down to earth approach rather refreshing.

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Some managers prefer to maintain control over parts of the recruitment process. For these clients we charge an hourly rate to handle any or all of the essential steps in candidate assessment. The client takes full responsibility for the final appointment (ie there is no replacement guarantee) but it can work out cheaper than full service, and you may hire multiple candidates from the one assignment without additional cost. We are happy to assist with any or all of the various tasks including:

  • copy writing and placing ads (including using our own tricks to get best possible coverage for your money)
  • fielding enquiries
  • managing applications via our secure on-line process (including a profiling checklist)
  • organizing interviews
  • conducting interviews
  • reference checking and
  • psychological profile reporting

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Your organisation is not always going to have the right people available at the right time. No matter how well you plan, there will always be occasions when you don't have all the resources you need and you will want to hire in specialist solutions providers as the need arises. This occurs in particular when companies are focused on maintaining a 'lean' corporate structure.

Whether the need is for a temporary general manager, a human resources specialist, a warehouse manager, or a project manager, eXenet can assist on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Our selection criteria ensures that eXenet eXecutives possess appropriate skills, behaviours and qualifications for all delegated assignments. They are individuals who have achieved success in their chosen fields, and have joined us in our commitment to provide industry and commerce with an alternative business service.

eXenet's objective is to provide people who can make a difference. They focus on "results not reports" .

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It is no secret that people are hired for their skill and fired for their attitude. What starts out so full of promise can sometimes end in disaster. Consider the following:

  • A talented employee is promoted to a management position and immediately underperforms
  • A key member of staff leaves and others follow
  • A new recruit quickly disrupts and destabilises an entire team.

What went wrong? Could it have been avoided? How do we see it coming?

Enter Expr3ss!®, a unique profiling system that takes the guesswork out of candidate selection. Expr3ss!® has been exhaustively tested worldwide and delivers the most practical and incisive psychological indicators we have ever seen. It provides accurate information regarding an individual's core strategies, the toolbox of skills that each of us habitually brings to bear under varying degrees of stress. By understanding an individual's psyche we can better appreciate how he/she is likely to perform and interact with others, and how different personalities create either a balanced or a dysfunctional team.

We use profiling for a variety of purposes including:

  • Candidate assessment and selection
  • Succession planning
  • Management benchmarking
  • Personal development and career guidance
  • Conflict resolution and change management

Here is what some of our candidates have said about the profiling process…

…“I can’t believe you can tell all that about me from a few simple questions. You know me better than I know myself!...

…”I’ve done these tests before and they’ve all said pretty much the same thing. This one seems to go so much deeper. Everything you’ve just told me was absolutely spot on…”

…”Now I understand why this job has been making me sick – I’m not cut out for this at all. I guess I’ve always known deep down that I would rather work behind the scenes but it’s not really cool to say you don’t want to be a manager. I thought I was a failure. Now I know I have something valuable to offer and I feel so relieved! Thank you. …”

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There is a direct parallel between using psychological profiling for candidate assessment and for personal development.

Just as a company needs to invest in its future, so too does an individual. By understanding themselves first, people can make informed career decisions saving both themselves AND future employers a lot of time and heartache. The future of vast numbers of employees is shaped by chance and opportunity rather than by design. We aggressively encourage people to understand and capitalise on their natural characteristics. In doing so they progress to where they want to be, not to where others believe they should be, and maximise their opportunity for success.

Companies who encourage this process benefit from:

  • Improved team dynamics
  • Enhanced success in the processes of promotion
  • Reduction in rifts and problems in the workplace
  • Productive and positive workplace culture

Our clients are constantly amazed at the real bottom line benefits achieved by better understanding their managers and ensuring that managers better understand themselves.

For more information please email gayle@exhr.com.au or phone Gayle on 0468 336 224.

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Audience Response Pty Ltd trading as eXenet Human Resources. Registered office: 18 Rainforest Close, Wahroonga, NSW, 2076.